Tsok Series

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Detail from a thangka showing a tsok offering

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Lotsawa House presents the following texts related to the practice of tsok (tshogs) or feast-gathering (Skt. gaṇacakra):


Offering Liturgies


As Dudjom Rinpoche explains in the colophon, he revealed this practice in 1936. He had fallen sick and his disciple Trulshik Pawo Dorje (1876–1962) performed a hundred feast offerings and fulfilment practices on his behalf. Early the next morning, Dudjom Rinpoche had a dream in which a woman spoke these words; he wrote them down, and the following day his illness disappeared completely.

This short Tārā feast-offering was composed for practitioners who wish to offer a simple gaṇacakra feast within a Tārā sādhana, such as the Zabtik Drolchok.

A simple feast-offering text for use in conjunction with sādhanas related to the magnetizing deity of the lotus family, Kurukullā.

This famous offering prayer composed by Jigme Lingpa includes lines related to every aspect of the gaṇacakra feast yet is short enough to be recited multiple times, such as when accumulating large numbers of feast offerings. In fact, some claim that the tradition of accumulating multiple feast offerings originated with this very prayer.

An addition to the standard practice of confession and fulfilment in Yumka Dechen Gyalmo, specifically for the purpose of accumulating gaṇacakra offerings as a means to turn back of the summons of the ḍākinīs (mkha' 'gro'i bsun zlog).

This famous food offering prayer is recited by practitioners in the Nyingma tradition before they consume the distributed offerings in a gaṇacakra feast, or even before each meal. The prayer reminds the practitioner that all foods are to be offered to the deities that reside within the body. In return for this offering, the deities bestow accomplishments (siddhi; dngos grub), and induce the experience of great bliss.

A brief gaṇacakra liturgy to be recited when accumulating tsok offering on a large scale.

The Excellent Vase of Splendour (dpal gyi bum bzang) is the tsok feast offering (tshogs mchod) to accompany the famous guru yoga based on the seven-line prayer, A Shower of Blessings (byin brlabs char 'bebs).

Remainder Offering


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