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Gesar Series

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Embodiment of the three buddha families,

Through the compassionate light rays of Pema Tötreng, you arose as the splendour of the world—

Supreme being, Great Lion, Norbu Dradül, to you we pray!

Grant us supreme and ordinary siddhis!

A series of texts dedicated to the legendary warrior king Gesar (ge sar):


Guru Yoga


Offering Rites


A brief prayer to accompany offerings to Gesar Norbu Dradül Tsal (‘Foe-Subduing Jewel’) and to request his protection against obstacles and harmful forces.

A short, four-line prayer to accompany offerings to Gesar.

A short prayer calling upon Gesar to shower down his inspiration and blessings.

This brief 'first-portion' offering (phud mchod) to Gesar and his retinue for the sake of prosperity, which Mipham composed in 1872, is said to bring about "the four treasures of longevity, glory, wealth and prosperity," and fulfilment of all wishes and requirements.

Mipham wrote this four-line prayer to Gesar—the "Great Lion and Foe-Subduing Jewel" (seng chen nor bu dgra 'dul)—in 1896.

This brief rite of offering and requesting Gesar to carry out activity was written in 1880. As with the other texts in this section of Mipham's works Gesar appears not only as powerful warrior-figure but as an enlightened emanation of Guru Padmasambhava.

This daily prayer to Gesar includes elements of invocation, offering, and supplication related to the four types of activity—pacifying, enriching, magnetizing and wrathful subjugation.

Composed in 1884, this is a short eight-line prayer together with a mantra to accompany the offering of amṛta nectar and torma.

A short, four-line prayer to accompany offerings to Gesar.

Deriving from a visionary experience, this four-line prayer may not be elegant, the author says, but has been transcribed exactly as he received it.


Sang Offering

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