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Buddha Śākyamuni

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With your great compassion, you chose this world of conflict and degeneration,

And made five hundred vast aspirations.

You are praised like the immaculate white lotus, for whoever hears your name will never fall back into saṃsāra—

Most compassionate teacher, to you I pay homage!

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Although not to be found in the Tengyur, this short praise of Buddha Śākyamuni's deeds is commonly attributed to the Indian master Āryaśūra and became very popular in Tibet.

A poetic praise of the Buddha's qualities, which Jamyang Khyentse composed at the Mahābodhi Temple, Bodhgaya, in 1956.

Jamyang Khyentse composed these verses of praise, prayer and aspiration when travelling to India for a second time, in or around January 1958.

In a series of poetic verses Jigme Lingpa pays homage to the Buddha Śākyamuni by recalling his most significant deeds, from his initial descent from the heaven of Tuṣita to his final attainment of parinirvāṇa.

This is the version of Dvādaśakārastotra found in the Tengyur (Toh 1135). The text, which is attributed to Nāgārjuna, is a praise of the twelve great deeds performed by the Buddha Śākyamuni.

Popularly known as "With Skilful Means and Compassion..." (thabs mkhas thugs rje ma), this is the liturgical arrangement of the Dvādaśakārastotra, Nāgārjuna's praise of the twelve great acts performed by Buddha Śākyamuni.



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