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Guru Rinpoche of Wealth

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A selection of texts on the theme of wealth and prosperity including rites for summoning the spirit of prosperity or abundance (g.yang 'gugs):

Lineage Prayers




Summoning Prosperity

This rite for summoning the spirit of abundance or prosperity (g.yang 'gug) is a terma revelation of Dorje Dechen Lingpa (1857–1928).

A rite to summon the conditions for prosperity in a monastic college, including observance of discipline, generous patronage, and the coming together of qualified teachers and intelligent, respectful students.

Through this brief rite of summoning prosperity (g.yang 'gugs), the practitioner summons everything from the attainment of the highest Dzogchen accomplishment to long-life, splendour, merit, progeny and the fulfilment of all desires.

A four-line prayer for summoning the spirit of abundance (g.yang) together with all that is excellent and auspicious.

This 72-line liturgy for the practice of yang-guk (g.yang 'gugs), or 'summoning the spirit of abundance (or prosperity)' was composed in 1896.

Adapted from Könchok Tenpe Drönme's "The Summoning Hook of Wish-Fulfilment: An Appeal for Prosperity", this is a rite to summon the conditions for teaching and studying the five major texts (bka' pod lnga) of Gelug scholasticism.

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