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Buddha of Medicine

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This illusory heap of a body, which, like others, I possess—

If it falls sick, so be it! In sickness I’ll rejoice!

For it will exhaust my negative karma from the past.

And, after all, many forms of Dharma practice

Are for the sake of purifying the two obscurations.

Lotsawa House presents the following texts as part of our Sickness and Healing Series:




A simple practice of Parṇaśavarī consisting of homage (from a longer praise by Chögyal Pakpa Lodrö Gyaltsen), mantra and dedication, which is particularly recommended as a means to heal and dispel contagious disease.

A very simple practice of Orgyen Menla (o rgyan sman bla), Guru Rinpoche as the Buddha of Medicine, consisting of visualization, mantra recitation and dedication of merit.

Taken from the visionary revelation known as the Net of Wisdom (ye shes drwa ba), this is a simple liturgy for meditating upon the Medicine Buddha (Bhaiṣajya Guru; sman bla).

A daily practice of Dorje Gotrab (Vajra Armour) offering protection against sickness, infectious disease and obstacles, which Dudjom Rinpoche adapted from the terma Protective Wheel: Root Sādhana of the Extremely Wrathful Black Hayagriva.

This simple guru yoga focussing on Guru Drakpo with the master Longsal Dorje at his heart is intended as a means to pacify the harm caused by spirits and to cure sickness of the heart; it was composed in 1957.

A simple practice of visualization and mantra recitation for Bhaiṣajya Guru, the Buddha of Medicine, which appears in the Kriyā tantra section of the extended Nyingma Kama collection.

A brief sādhana of the Medicine Buddha (Bhaiṣajya Guru) with a special emphasis on pacifying the sickness and mental toxins of all beings.

A simple visualization and mantra practice for Medicine Buddha, otherwise known as Bhaiṣajya-Guru, Lord of Physicians.

This simple sādhana of the deity Acala, the 'Immovable One'—here in his dark blue, genuflecting form—is described as a powerful antidote to obstacles including infectious disease.

The 54th of 60 texts in Tertön Sogyal's revelation connected with the 'solitary hero' (ekavīra) form of Yamāntaka, this is a special method for pacifying and healing contagious disease. It is among the rituals being performed by the monks of Larung Gar as a means to eliminate the coronavirus pandemic of 2020–21.


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