Lineage Prayers

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Detail from thangka depicting the Longchen Nyingtik lineage

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A series of lineage prayers (brgyud 'debs):

This famous prayer to the masters of the Kagyü (bka' brgyud) school by the 15th century master Jampal Zangpo remains popular to this day. More than just a simple supplication to the lineage, it also incorporates an instruction on Mahāmudrā meditation.

A prayer to the various masters of the lineage of Vidyādhara Assembly (rig 'dzin 'dus pa), the inner guru sādhana from the Longchen Nyingtik cycle revealed by Jigme Lingpa.

A prayer to the eight great vidyādharas of India who were entrusted with the Kagyé teachings.

A five-verse prayer to the ḍākinīs of the three kāyas and the root and lineage masters.

A prayer to the lineage of Yumka Dechen Gyalmo (yum ka bde chen rgyal mo), or The Queen of Great Bliss, the peaceful ḍākinī sādhana from the Longchen Nyingtik cycle.

His Holiness himself identified seventeen of the most paṇḍitas associated with Nālandā Monastery (Nāgārjuna, Āryadeva, Buddhapālita, Bhāvaviveka, Candrakīrti, Śāntideva, Śāntarakṣita, Kamalaśīla, Asaṅga, Vasubandhu, Dignāga, Dharmakīrti, Ārya Vimuktisena, Haribhadra, Guṇaprabha, Śākyaprabha and Atiśa) and commissioned a thangka (scroll painting) depicting them. He then composed this prayer to accompany the image in 2001.

A lineage prayer for the Accomplishing the Land of Great Bliss (bde chen zhing sgrub) cycle of practices based on the original Namchö (gnam chos) revelation of Tertön Mingyur Dorje (1645–1667) and compiled by Karma Chakme (1613–1678).

A lineage prayer for the practice of Chimé Phakmé Nyingtik ('chi med 'phags ma'i snying thig), the Heart-Essence of the Deathless Noble Tārā, a revelation of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo which is associated with longevity.

A non-sectarian (ris med) prayer to 25 of the most important figures in Tibetan Buddhism, five for each of the five major traditions: Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyü, Kadam and Geluk.

A brief prayer to the lineage of Zabtik Drolchok, the practice of Green Tārā which was revealed as a mind terma by Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa.

This prayer to the masters of the lineage of explanation for Bodhicaryāvatāra, from Patrul Rinpoche back through the generations as far as Śāntideva, and before him to Buddha Śākyamuni and Mañjuśrī, is also an aspiration to take the central message of the text to heart.

A well-known prayer to Guru Rinpoche's foremost disciples, the king Trisong Detsen and twenty-five of his subjects.


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